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  • testing for coronavirus must be approved by the hygienist at this time, so contact 1212
  • you can have yourself tested in Bulovka hospital for your own payment
  • we process emails gradually throughout the day, we are unable to respond immediately
  • we can issue the sick leave 3 days retroactively, so no stress and please let us process the requests one by one
  • if you need a sick leave, write us your employer ID (IČO), job position and your current adress
  • For dry cough use antihistamines (Zodac, Zyrtec, Aerius, Xyzal, Cezera etc.)
  • if you have difficulties to bring up phlegm, take ACC long or Mucosolvan or Ambrobene or Erdomed (it is on prescription)
Coronavirus testing capacity is limited, so patients gets often rejected by the hygienist. However, please contact the helpline 1212 if you have symptoms of respiratory disease. If they reject you, still isolate yourself because many patients did not have severe symptoms and were still infectious. Therefore, please prevent further spread of the infection by following strict quarantine measures. You can overcome the infection yourself without major problems and prevent transmission to endangered individuals. Thank you very much. dr. Sobotka


Dear patients,

Due to the stricter anti-epidemic measures and recommendations of our professional organization, I would like to ask you not to visit our surgeries from now on without previous booking. In the surgery in Spořilov, I hereby cancel the possibility of arriving without an appointment at the beginning of the surgery time until further notice. Entry to the waiting room will be allowed only for patients with appointment. For communication with the office, please use preferably email, telephone only in exceptional cases. We will process your emails and contact you by email or phone. Patients who arrive without prior booking will either not be admitted to the polyclinic building or will be sent away immediately.

Patients with respiratory infections are asked to contact thelephone new line 1212 for coronavirus testing. At the moment the testing must be approved by a hygienist and the sampling points are few. Perhaps now the situation will improve. Some places allow patients to be tested for a fee even if they are not approved by the hygienist. Although I disagree with this approach, we have to treat every patient with signs of a respiratory infection as potentially infected.
List of sampling sites: https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/seznam-laboratori-ktere-testuji-na-covid-19/

We ask all our patients for patience and cooperation with government measures, even if they may seem excessive to someone. If we do not limit ourselves now, we can participate in the spread of a virus that we know very little about. And even if the infection itself does not cause major health problems, it may happen that it is through us that the infection reaches someone who can become seriously ill or die.

Stay in touch with your friends, families, neighbours, work colleagues, classmates, but use social networks, phones. If you have older people in your area, take care of their purchases, help them not to get along and increase their risk of being infected because they are the vulnerable group. But also minimize physical contact with them. If you have the opportunity to work from home to home office, use it. If you have to travel somewhere, so definitely recommend individual transport and not public transportation. When you meet, I recommend limiting personal contact - no shaking hands, hugging, kissing on the cheek ... Take a walk in the open air and still keep a physical distance of at least 3 m from other people.

Both our surgeries are secured by respirators for several days thanks to the generous donation of the donor who wants to remain anonymous. This will allow us to work in the coming days. But when we run out of protective respirators, we will be forced to limit our care to online only.

It is still true that if you have mild symptoms of a cold, you are more likely to have common virosis. This usually passes within a few days and does not require a medical examination. However, please isolate yourself in your home environment and ask us by email for sick leave, if needed. You can send us a picture of the throat taken by your mobile phone. At the same time, it is quite possible that allergy sufferers are beginning to experience the onset of the pollen season and manifestations such as sore throat, watery rhinitis may be the first allergic manifestations. Please contact us to send you a prescription for antiallergics.

In case of any other difficulties, please contact us to advise you or to plan your visit if necessary. In case of acute problems such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, of course, contact emergency services immediately at 112.

Due to the situation, we have now completely turned off online booking system. Try using common sense, what is now essential and whether you really need to see a doctor. We now postpone all vaccinations, reviews and preventive examinations until the epidemic has subsided.

Please watch our website, the website of the Ministry of Health https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/ and news on the public television ČT24.
Interesting information for parents of schoolchildren may be that Czech Television starts tomorrow 16.3. program of education for primary school pupils.

I wish you good health and strong nerves
for our team of doctors
MUDr. Ondřej Sobotka


Get registered as a patient
with czech insurance

If you need appointment, please write an email
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We provide standard medical and preventive care of a general practitioner. We also offer extra care and services not covered by health insurance - examination for employers, preventive medical examination at a request of a patient, the medical examination for driving license, gun license, vaccinations, etc.

We will remind you of your appointement with an sms and e-mail.

We can send you an electronic prescription to your mobile phone.

Your health care can be covered with payments from health insurance company or you can pay cash. 

We cooperate with our dental clinic.

We have contracts with these czech health insurance companies:
VZP 111
VoZP 201
OZP 207
ZPMV 211
ČPZP 205
RBP 213

Unfortunately we do not accept insurance contracts requested by foreign police. If you only have this kind of insurance, you need to pay cash and reimburse from the insurance company.

Price list:
Some fees for health care in our clinic for patients without any insurance:

  • minor examination (with cold, flu etc.) from 700 CZK
  • major examination (heart problem, indigestion etc.- requires more time) from 900 CZK
  • complex general examination 1400 CZK (without ecg, blood test etc.)